Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2004-06-21 22:36:36 (UTC)

Our anniversery

Astrid and I had our anniversery a few days ago! We've
been together over one year now. I sent her a cd player
with a radio and she sent me a 20$ gift card from
walmart! ...I spent it all in one night lol. She loves her
gift, and I loved mine! We went to the lake yeterday for
father's day. I didn't catch anything though!
It was really fun. My mom took me, my brother and
sister out to eat. We went to eat at new china buffet! I
got so full like I always do lol. And all this time I think
about Astrid. I love her so much. I have a feeling we might
get married and then... I dunno! Its a wierd feeling I
can't yet explain. I'm now saving money to get a booster
box of darksteel. And maybe when I get a job, I'll have
some good cashflow.
I will come see my love. I have to get my life
together and know what I want to do.... what I want? Thats
weird, That gave me a new kind of feeling. Instead of
thinking of what I need in life, I should concentrate on
what I want! ....and really everything I want is what I
need. I have to admit I am a bit nervous to meet her for
the first time! But anyways is hot in here, so I guess I'll
go. I just thought I would write something new.

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