My usually fucked up life...
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2004-06-21 21:58:32 (UTC)

Things are....

I missed a couple days of this, I know. I have just been out
and about a lot to stay busy and try to get back into shape.
My life is starting to finally relax it seems...thank god,
its about time. My father I have found has not drank pretty
much in almost 2 yrs during the time I was away from home.
My relationship with him will take a while still to recover
but at least now there can be decent chance at it. I even
bought him an actual father's day gift and was shocked but
he actually gave me a hug for it. My father hasn't hugged me
seriously in years.

And the rest of my life is slowly improving. I am finding it
difficult but it seems that keeping the friendship with my
former girlfriend will be possible. That's good because
although I can't admit to still being in love with her, I
can admit that I do and always will have love for her. But
at least it seems that both our lives can move on now and
not worry about the other.

Well, I don't really have much to say but I thought I'd get
another entry in here. I couldn't sleep last night and ended
up earlier falling asleep for a few hours so I may have to
take a pain pill tonight to help sleep but I have to get
this sleeping schedule back into some semblance of order. Oh
well, I'll shut up now as I'm rambling with nothing to say.