a little piece of me
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2004-06-21 21:50:39 (UTC)

very bad day

i think i'm going to have a breakdown soon. i'm tired of
having to handle this house thing by myself. no one
wants to help! i have to make all the calls, run all the
errands, schedule all the appointments, meet this
person and that...i need a break! i wish turtle could
help. i need to get away from this for a little while, but if
i do we're screwed. tonight i get to go shopping for a
hot water heater, toilet, and light fixtures by myself.
greeeaaat. then tomorrow i get to spend all day talking
to contractors, bankers, agents, plumbers and lawyers.
not only that but i have to go in and train for manager.

if i don't get away for a little while i am just not going to
make it. i need something to help get my mind off
things, but i just don't know what. help!

ok, gotta get turtle's dinner ready and lunch packed.