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My Favorite Courdaroys
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2004-06-21 19:43:49 (UTC)


I don't know what to think about danielle. One day were
flirting like crazy, the next shes saying how she wouldn't
wanna date somebody she worked with. I'm kinda bummed
about that. So I do something stupid and take it out on
the retard manager in training. He showed up an hour late,
rearranged my meat cooler, and told me I didn't know how to
set up the damn thing. He's been their about 3 months
compared to my 3 years. I say whatever and he gets pissed
off. We are supposed to have 4 racks of potatoes in at all
times. Retarted two racks were coming out every time. So
i consolidated and was getting taters every 15 minutes. It
came time where my assemblers came on and they took over
potatoes. I asked how many were in got an answer of 30. I
thought we were cool. Five minutes later marving is yelling
at me. I yell back cause im in no mood for his shit. Then
he tells me I should be a man and confess to my mistakes.
I havent left the broiler for 2 hours. Oh yeah and Marving
doesnt think that cheating on his wife with numerous women
is a bad thing. So Danielle is their that day. And shes in
a pretty shitty mood. So I am all confused as to whats
going on. So yesterday she worked and we flirting again.
Girls are so damn confusing. *sigh*