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The Blue of my Oblivion
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2004-06-21 18:09:08 (UTC)

wet and mad

I'm just in from class, and I'm sopping wet. I walked
outside, ready to walk to the union to meet Max and Beth
for lunch, and as soon as I walked outside I had to walk
BACK inside because it was starting to pour. So I called
around and found myself waiting for half an hour in the
building. I walked around, waited, went back outside and
checked a map to see exactly how far it was to the union.
When I turned around there was thunder and lightning
everywhere, it felt like a bad movie. I was soaking
already, and I still had to go back across into the hall.
So I ran to it, through the pounding rain, and the door
wouldn't open. I was locked out. So I stood there, really
pissed, in the rain, with a low cell signal, praying for a
miracle. I got that miracle when Max called to find out
where I was, and then I used my low signal to call for a
ride. Then I saw people going inside so I hurried behind
them before I got locked out again. Then I realized I left
my software in the laptop, so I went in to get it but
people were in there so I just figured I'd get it tomorrow.
Then my mom called and said she was waiting for me and so
(why I did this, I'm not sure yet..) I put my phone down
and walked out. Then I realized what I did and ran back
inside to get it. When I did, I figured I was so goddamn
wet I'd get some paper towels from the bathroom to dry off
my phone and my cold, shaking hands. When I was walking out
the door, I realized that I'd left my phone AGAIN because
I'm smart like that, and so I walked back in to get it and
I saw Applex. Or it looked like him from the back, and I
meant to say it quietly but I'm a little loud
sometimes. "...Alex?" and he turned around and waved. And I
smiled and waved back and ran back outside. Into the
rain...and I realized OH SHIT I LOOK LIKE A WET RAT!!! and
then I jus got into the car and sulked. And my mom asked
who I had smiled to so I told her, and she gave me that
look like uhhhhh huh I know what you're thinking. And I
said, "No Ma, I look like a damn rat right now," and she
said, "Oh hun he probably thought it was sexy," and so we
laughed for a while about that and then changed the subject
to my adorable teacher. But I'm still wet and mad.

I was expecting this old, nasty, nerdy woman. When I
walked in I saw a tall, blonde guy with glasses. Tom. He
was a cute nerd! My favorite. He put gel in his hair to
make it look messy, and that usually doesn't phase me much,
but it looked good. And his glasses made him look like the
host of a show on mtv who wears the glasses just to look
like a cute nerd. BUT IT WORKED SO WELL. He was very cute,
but also very old. He's a writer slash independent film
maker, and he's very nice. My class is really small. It's
me, Chelsea, Max, and some other kid...no one likes him...

Chelsea goes to BRMHS, but is older, and looked cool to
me right off the bat. She was wearing a black and white
vintage halter dress, she said she got from a thrift shop,
and a Kurt Cobain-esque sweater, and converse. Max is
really tall and skinny, has long red hair, wore a black bam
tshirt and ratty checkered converse. The other kid was just
annoying and girly, and slicked back his hair...and talked
a lot. Chelsea talked some, and Max never said a word. He
was a little creepy. We first just talked about basics, and
then took our cameras and went outside onto the parade
grounds and then to the quad. People thought we were from
the newspaper so half of them wanted their pictures taken
and the other half wanted us gone.

After that we talked about screenplays, and spent the
rest of the time writing and thinking up ideas for short
movies. I have a paragraph of my screenplay due tomorrow.
woot woot.

So I'm wondering if they'll keep my software or not...I
hope they don't throw it out...I kind of need it...

My mom just said, "Yeah, that's pimp."

I'm a little afraid...

Okay, I want a hot pocket, and I could use some dry
clothing. Yes, that would be good. Mmm...warmth

Oh God, my mom just said, "homeboys" and, "off the hook."

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