my so called life
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2004-06-21 17:28:12 (UTC)


This diary was private for some time, but now it's once
again open to all nosy readers out there ;)

Today I'm quite annoyed.
I'm home for summer by the way.
I work at the hotel where my mother works this year as
well. I'm a waitress, and I think I'm getting pretty good
at it. But the damn hotel is only interested in making
money, so we're totally shorthanded. And it's not just that
there's not enough people at work, they haven't got someone
to call when they need extras, so I've been working both
morning and nights for two weeks now. It's hard, so I'm
totally exhausted, but I make a lot of money. And I sure
need it, cause Ben (or Ben's dad) has bought an apartment
where we're gonna move in when uni starts again! I think
it'll be great, it's gonna be so nice to live together, to
have our own place and not share kitchen or anything with
someone else! But it's expensive, we have to pay the
downpayments on the loan, electricity, governmental taxes
and such, and we need a sofa, a bed, a fridge and a washer,
only to mention a the main things. And besides, I'm going
to Paris with my friend Kirsty! More about that later. But
I need money ;)

Well, I'm gonna tell you why I'm annoyed. Or at least try
to explain it, since I don't always understand myself.
Yeah, I know.. :P
Well.. First of all.. Ben's parents said they'd buy us a
couch. And since they're paying for it and Ben's dad
actually owns the apartment, I thought it was fair that Ben
decided what kind of sofa he wanted. At his parent's house
they've got a dark blue couch, and it's a perfectly fine
couch. And since that's what Ben is used to, he decided he
wanted one just like that. But the problem with a dark blue
couch is that it makes the room darker and thereby smaller.
Our apartment isn't that big, and I said I thought it would
be better with a brighter color, cause then the room would
seem larger. And the room has a black wall behind the
fireplace, it's kind of hard to explain, but I just don't
think a blue couch would match the room very well. Blue is
my favourite color, but blue sofas aren't in. Not that I
really care what's in or not, but it's easier to decorate a
room when the style is somewhat modern, cause then it's
easier to find things that match. Anyway, I just told him
my opinion and let him decide. He wasn't quite sure, since
he liked their blue couch, but agreed with my arguments.
Well, last week I saw an add where sofas just like we
wanted were 35% off. They had them in blue, grey and beige.
He's on this field trip-thing with his class (I think I've
written that he's only got three weeks off uni this summer,
so he's only coming home then), so he couldn't check it out
himself. His parents were supposed to buy it, so he said
they'd handle it. After a couple of days I asked him about
it, and I don't know, he hadn't told them or they hadn't
done anything about it, or something. He told me to go have
a look at them and tell him which one I prefered. I went
with an open mind, but my mom, my dad and I agreed that the
beige one was much nicer and would it would be much easier
to decorate a room with a beige sofa than a blue or grey
one. And Ben had thought about it and seen the livingroom
in the apartment of a friend of his where there was a beige
couch and decided that he wanted a beige one instead. But
since so much time had passed and it was such a great
offer, they had only blue ones left. And you might think
I'm bitchy for getting annoyed, but it's so typical of Ben
to talk about doing something and then don't do it till
it's too late. His parents wanted to buy the blue one,
since pretty much all their furniture are blue, but at this
point I really didn't want the blue one. I'm supposed to
buy the bed, and I offered to buy the beige couch instead,
and they could buy the bed. But Ben didn't know if he
wanted to do that, and now I don't know what we're supposed
to do. Ahh.. this happens every time!

So I was a little annoyed by this..
Uni starts the 16th of August and we were supposed to move
into the apartment on the 15th. When they bought the
apartment, the seller said we could move in the 15th at the
latest, probably earlier. It wasn't ideal, since we have to
move out from where we live now 30th July. But my friend
Kirsty said I could keep my things at her place, so it was
OK i guess. But yesterday Ben tells me that we can't move
in until the 18th of August, cause the sellers don't get
their new apartment till the 15th of August. So uni starts
two days before I have a place to live.. and it's not that
it's such a disaster, but I'm so sick of just being
told "this is the way things are gonna happen. I know it
suck, but it's just the way it is". It was like that all
year last year when Ben was in the army; "I can't come home
when I was supposed to" , "I can't call you cause we're not
allowed to bring our cells", "I can't come see you cause I
have a family dinner to attend" and so on. And none of it
is actually Ben's fault, but it's just always like that..
Oh well..
But this thing with the apartment.. Why did he just agree?
When we were told that we could move in the 15th, we should
be allowed to move in the 15th. Aaah! so I got annoyed, and
Ben was like don't be mad, there's nothing to do about it..
So Ben's dad is going to drive 300 km to pick up Ben's
things, drive 30 km home, and then in August drive 300 km
each way to bring the things back. I think it's so stupid!
So I told him it was pretty much the dumbest thing I've
ever heard, and they're going to call and ask if we can
store the things there or something. But I don't know, I'm
sick of the whole thing. I'm sick og Ben and his dad being
so passive.


I'll write about Paris and other nice things later. Now I'm
all annoyed again.