Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2004-06-21 14:20:21 (UTC)

hey hey its monday i think

after all thats happened i am still bloody just hanging on
to slim hopes of an unsuperficial person to come along and
make me unbored i am so sick of this crazy little planet
called earth

apart from that lifes just peaches

got my him lighter today and must say its stylish and very
classy but i just wished it was a zippo spose can't have it
all my way now can i

got the new him best of too now thats cool they do a cover
of solitary man by neil diamond now i know it sounds really
geeky but mum brought me up on that shit makes me think
that maybe i am sort of just like mum little strange to say
but there could be a link there somehow maybe it was
jocelyn that was adopted not me

stress at work must have got to me today i sort of erupted
into this horribly mad mass of crap today when the fruit
and veg order arrived seemed weird that there was 4 kg of
bloody broccoli and about 12 kg of bloody carrots fuck what
was i on saturday night all i hope is now that the function
on thursday night doesn't blow out in numbers and
absolutely fucking arse rape me to bad if it does cos i
know whos arse is on the line

the count down till i finish has started my apprenticeship
ends soon and i tell you what i can't fucking wait it will
all be over if i don't like the shit i am gettin i just

i just wanna see what john says about the beef steak and
burgandy from all reports i have got they thought it was
fucking unreal so it will be interesting to find out what
john has heard he might have a different perspective on it

by the way the him album is the best it has a dvd of a live
set they did at the semifinal in finland and all it has
done is made me wanna see them live even more they are just
so unbeleaveable valo just suckin back on his ciggy and gas
drumming hard and mige goin nuts on the bass and daniel
lioneye just being mental on the lead

so yeah holidays soon that will be fun i will probably be
stone broke but what the hey lets free load mum and dad hre
i come still can't believe that the old fart turned up at
work came as a bit of a shock mum must have put the wind up
the old bloke

must call it a nght getting tired and its only monday i
will be fucked by friday i have the day off first one in
weeks so i will make the most of it in my bed playin nba jam

catch ya later

drug ciggerettes and alcohol i wish
music solitary man by HIM not neil diamond