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2004-06-21 11:33:09 (UTC)

Goldfrapp @ Popstarz

April 30th - Today I decided to go to Popstarz again,
despite my better instinct not to. But it was for a special
reason, Goldfrapp were doing a PA there as part of their
re-release of Strict Machine. I went with Tom (see February
14th) to see them. At around 8ish at Ku Bar where he chatted
for a bit and had a few drinks. He saw someone he recognised
called Rob, who was this really camp and lovely guy. We then
went to G-A-Y Bar and basically chatted crap. He was telling
me about this guy he recently dumped because he was an
arrogant, self righteous, upper class bastard. Anyway we
were talking about us, about how we have this funny
relationship, where we seem to really piss off one another
but always manage to go out having a good time. This was the
third time I saw him after Valentines and it was still
pretty funny. We made our way to Kings Cross and when we
arrived outside the Scala there was a huge queue lining up.
We must have got there around 10ish and there seemed to be
around over 200 people already queuing. Rob, the person we
met at Ku Bar was there and he let me and Tom take his
position in his queue. He started queuing around 9ish and it
had already gotten very crowded. We eventually arrived at
the front around 10.40ish and we went upstairs for a bit, me
showing Tom the various places. We danced in the Lover's
Lounge (RnB) for a bit and just really went around talking
to people. We danced till probably around 12ish, the rest of
the time we were waiting in the Common Room (Rock -
Alternative) where we saw the stage ready for Goldfrapp's
PA. It was virtually empty, the people flocked around the
outskirts of the room, whereas me and Tom stood at the front
of the stage. We spoke to a few people as well, Tom spoke to
some girl to his right, can't remember her name and I spoke
to some German girl called Julia to my left. She was looking
forward to seeing Goldfrapp and basically told me that she
was a student at London Metropolitan University. Can't
remember what she was studying but she was nice and we
briefly chatted now and again.
What is really good about Popstarz as oppose to any gay
clubs is that it has variety. You have your rock/alternative
room and also the RnB room which I really like there. There
is a pop room aptly named the "Rubbish Room" but I avoid
that room at all cost.
We stood there till they actually played which was around
12.40ish. When they were on the crowd went wild,
screaming and Alison Goldfrapp talking to the audience. They
played Euphoria, then Train and then Twiest. When they were
performing Train, a stripper came on, not your average
stripper just a busty woman, not slim with a bit of meat but
still oozed sex appeal. She had a whip and danced to their
music, quite hypnotic in some ways. Goldfrapp then left the
stage. Me and Tom saw their line up and we knew they were
going to perform a 4th song. They returned within 10 minutes
and performed Strict Machine, by far the song that defines
that group. The stripper came on again but it didn't seem as
amazing as Alison really shone on this track, really playing
to the audience and really giving it her all. When it was
over we went over to the RnB room for a bit and then
returned back to the Common Room. We saw Shawn and Joe there
and we said hi, gave hugs and I basically told them I had to
go, it was already like 1.30 and I had work the next
morning. Said goodbye to Tom and said I really had a good
time. He told me later that he stayed in the club with Shawn
and Joe and that he went home with them. It was a fun night,
got home around 3ish went to bed and then to work the next
morning. Laters =p