Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2004-06-21 11:15:10 (UTC)

Dinner after clubbing

April 24th - Today we went clubbing up London as part of
Sam's 20th Birthday. Me, Kin, Rupesh and Michael all went
together to the Yates in Leicester Square. Sam was coming
from Egham with Emily. Sam had no idea that Kin was going to
be there so it was nice to see his face when we all met up.
While we were waiting for Sam to come from Egham, I went
over to Ku Bar for a bit because Shawn was there. I said hi
and talked for a bit and then back tracked my way back to
Yates. Around 9ish Sam and Emily came and then we made our
way to Ku Bar. We had a few blowjobs and 2 pitchers of Sex
on The Beach between us and had a good laugh. Saw a few
people I know, Aaron, Shawn, Joe, Tom and Carl, didn't
really speak to Joe or Tom but introduced my friends to
Shawn. I went and spoke to Aaron for a bit and just talked
about where he did today. He said that he went to Thorpe
Park with Tom and hes going to clubbing or something. I
told him that we were going to go to Covent Garden to this
club called the Gardening Club. It was on the basis of Emily
suggesting it to Sam.
After around 9.45 we went to G-A-Y Bar for a bit and
basically just hung around till around 10.15. We then made
our way to Covent Garden. We arrived at the Gardening Club
around 10.40 ish and waited outside. It was going to cost
£12 to get in, which was a bit of a rip off for a crappy
club. We all went in and really just sat around for a bit.
Everyone ordered drinks, but I was reluctant because I
hardly drink in clubs. The music was a mix of 70s funk and
RnB, past and present. Sam and Michael congregate in a small
alcove that had a side that was accessible to the bar. I
frequented to the dance floor whenever there was a good song
and basically just danced. I really didn't like the mix of
music, namely that it didn't really mix well and also that
the songs lasted way too long. Like Justin Timberlake - Like
I Love You had like a minute and half of basically the end
of the actual song before it actually kicked in to the
actual song. Maybe they didn't have that much music as I
much prefer lots of songs mixed in and them not lasting
longer than 3-3.30 as you just end up bored. As we were
leaving to get our coats, this foreign guy said to his
friend and pointed to me, "he's the greatest dancer", I was
pleased with that :D. We left at around 12.30 and made our
way back to Leicester Square. At this time we all went to
Cafe Fresh which was I ate there before (Deano and Phil). We
sat down ordered our food and basically chatted rubbish. It
was good fun and it was alot more interesting than going to
that club. By this time I was ready to just sit down and eat
loads. At around 2ish we were ready to leave. Sam and Emily
went back to a hotel he booked and Rupesh, Kin, Michael and
Me returned together.
When we arrived in Woolwich, I ordered a cab and returned to
mine. Michael came in for a few minutes because I had to
give him something and then he drove home. It was a fun
night and everyone loved Ku Bar.