2004-06-21 01:59:33 (UTC)

Flowers and Naps

Happy Father's Day!

This afternoon John and I went to Home Depot, Coastal Farms
and a nursery and bought pots and assorted flowers, potting
soil and plastic (to put on the ground which I'll then cover
with bark-o-mulch) for the spot under my living room window.
We spent several hours and about a hundred dollars. John
noticed wryly how many couples there were at the garden
stores buying stuff.

"Today is Father's Day and here are a bunch of guys with
their wives buying flowers to plant!" he said.

We also stopped at Costco (I wanted one big clay pot--I'm
using assorted sizes) and I pointed out the guy in front of
us in line with his wife had a Cuisinart in his cart.

"See,!" I said softly to him. "Not ALL the Dads got
flowers to plant this weekend. HE got a Cuisinart!"

His wife overheard me and gave me a grin!

I'm going to plant some surprises in there among the
flowers--a rosemary plant, a sage and possibly some pepper

After that exhausting trip we took naps. The better to have
some energy this evening when we work on the pots of flowers!