down in my eyes
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2004-06-21 01:25:32 (UTC)

all different kinds.

all different kinds.

A man's penis, i've discovered, like humans, have whole
different nationalities of their own. Ladies, chances
are, ur man falls into one of these categories.
Gentlemen- which dick do you have?
Here are a few
of the most common cocks, to be on the lookout of..
& yes, I Am extremely bored...:þ

THE BANANA PENIS- where the dick is sooo long,
& because of the weight, it has nowhere else to go,
but hang over, like a banana.

THE SHY TURTLE PENIS- the doode's willy is soo
puney, you can barely feel or see anything. you're
lucky if you even see the head.

THE CHOPSTICK PENIS- this dick's thin enough, where
two fingers can even wrap around the entire width.

THE OVERWEIGHT MIDGET PENIS- this guy is Huge. not
length wise, (he's really small in length,) but the
thickness is unbelievable. More than a mouthful.

THE AEROBIC PENIS- his dick has veins popping out,
like no tommorrow. you swear the penis takes
steroids. just looking at it, makes you want to
join the local ballys.

THE RAINFOREST PENIS- he's so bushy there, you can
hardly find your way around. you begin to wonder
if he's really a monkey.

THE WALRUS PENIS- when his thang has so much skin
around there, you can't see the body of it. & you
can't do anything either... it just slides around
like a seal.

THE AIR BALLOON PENIS- when the head of the penis,
& only the head, is so big. it looks like it
swelled up. Really, it's just a big head, tho.

THE SPRINKLER PENIS- he cums soo much, & it gets
everywhere. you're left as wet as if you just made
a run through ur neighbor's backyard sprinklers..