a little piece of me
2004-06-21 01:10:32 (UTC)

weight update

ok, so far turtle has lost 19 pounds. 19! i'm so proud of
him. he says he can't tell, but his clothes are definitely
getting looser. i've only lost 14. i've been riding the bike
for anywhere from 30-60 min (almost every day). turtle
works with a guy who competes in the strongman
contests. he says i may not be losing as much
because i'm gaining muscle mass. turtle says my butt
looks smaller, so maybe it's true! lol. i'll be glad to get
rid of the damn thing, but he says he really loves it.
we'll see how it goes.

kali is here with me tonight. for a stupid reason. ok...i
had been watching austin powers on tv today. i turned
it off to do some chores, and when i turned it on a
couple hours later, signs was on. it was on the part
where the news was showing the alien at the kids
birthday party. that movie scares me so bad! i didn't
want to sleep alone tonight, so i went to get kali to
protect me! she weighs 4.5 pounds!!! how pathetic am
i? i just can't help it. i believe aliens are really coming.
sylvia said by 2010 they will start appearing. i don't
want them to! i'm terrified! rediculous, i know, but i
can't help it. that has always been a big fear of mine.

ok, now that i've made an ass of myself, i think i better
go take kali for a walk. new johnny tonight, so i gotta
get home before it comes on!