polyester bride

The Blue of my Oblivion
2004-06-20 21:35:46 (UTC)


It's ten after four, and I'm still debating going to a
soccer game in 20 minutes (or it's at five, but it'll take
a good 30 minutes to get there, due to Burbank traffic) I'm
always willing to watch a game, but I might get bored by my
self. I want someone else to go, but it would be too last
minute to ask anyone to go with me. What to do what to do..

We went for ribs for father's day, dad's choice. I'm
still not eating. I'm just not hungry anymore...it's weird.
I used to be hungry all the time, and now I can go for days
by just drinking water. But I ate french fries and watched
a baseball game on tv. And then when I got bored with that
I stared at the lovely teenage blonde waiter cleaning a
table nearby. My mom made fun of me and said he had a
crooked nose, and they kept saying he was checking me out,
and though I knew they were joking I still looked...just to
make sure :)

4:17...should I go?

My class starts TOMORROW!!! I have butterflies already.
And my mom has to take things to her office so I'll
probably hang out at the mcdonalds in the union and
read 'til she's done with that. At Barnes n Noble last
night I finally got off of page three of the Bean Trees.
Now I'm on page five...I didn't get a lot of reading done
because Alexa started talking about her Craig fan club and
that was my cue to get up and leave.


I'm still a little freaked about the date thing for the
ball. Granted it is a little while away, but it's still a
little freaky to me. Where am I going to find a guy who
would be willing to dress up and go to a ball with me,
dance with me, and put up with me up into the early early
hours of the morning? I'll put an ad in the paper...ha

Lonely redhead looking for date to esteemed grandfather's


Oh I wonder if I have to bring a date to Appollo as
well...I'll have to ask Bubba before he leaves for NYC.

Also I wonder what I'm doing for the fourth of July. I
want to go downtown again to see the fireworks. It's a
little while off...I have time...


It's now or never...am I going? Maybe...I don't want to
sit there by myself with parents. Parents scare the hell
out of me. I always feel like they're judging me. When I
get around parents I get all frozen and quiet, but keep my
manners. I'm asking MichEAl, aka Hex. He ought to know what
to do...he's a queen in training, after all. Damn he has to
go. Well I'll just see...I'll flip a coin or something...
Oh, no, he says I should go. Okay. Well, I guess I will
then. Bring it on.


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