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2004-06-20 20:52:57 (UTC)

AWWW hell

OK... today, i worked from 10-4... 2 hours extra.. hell ya!
um anyway, i got my schedule for next week, I work mon 8-5
tues off wed 8-4 thurs 8-2 fri 8-3 sat 8-3 sun 10-2.. thats
41 hours for you slow math people... hell yes... that will
be a nice check!! its a shame my quarter raise won't be in
affect yet. BUT anywho... im pumped about all my hours, but
on the other hand im a little pissed. my parents are
leaving for Bermuda on Tuesday and this was supposed to be
my week for FUN times.. but NOOO i have to work.. oh well,
working with like 3 hours of sleep and a hangover won't be
that bad.. right? LoL, well anyway, my family is cooking
out tonight and I invited brett over... im trying to get
him to be more comfortable around my dad (Bc my dad happens
to be SUPER scary. but anywho, i have to go pick up my room
and clean my bathroom and shower and stuff, so i will try
and update later. I'm trying to get back into the habit of
writing daily. its a good stress reliever.

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