Insight Into The Mind
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2004-06-20 06:10:59 (UTC)

Boys suck

Title: I'm Wasted

I see you
And my stomache flutters
My cheeks flush
My hear races
But it's not all good

You make me hate the shape of me
Because you never look twice
I'm on the verge of stuttering
Because i don't want
To say anything stupid
It all goes to waste though

I'm "One of th Guys"
The asexual one
The one you can talk to
About sports
Or chicks
Or keggers

My reactions are wasted
My shaking hands
Never noticed
My nervous smile
Brushed off
My anger at hearing
About the latest girl
You scored with

It's all wasted
I'm wasted on you
I'm invisible
It's such a waste

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