2004-06-20 04:42:48 (UTC)

First I want to drive Through..

First I want to drive

Through the rain
Through the gray slate driving rain
And I will
And I will drive until my car is parked askew on your front lawn
And I will run up to your front door
And I will scream
And I will scream.

Here it diverges
Like that same bitter path in the narrow wood
And I cannot travel both
But in the end, it is the same road.

I can either scream
"You loved me once
I know it
You loved once
Don't you remember"


"You never loved me
Admit it
You never loved me
Why won't you admit it"

And either way
I will scream it
scream it
until my throat is raw hamburger
and my eyes are bleeding the tears my heart can't cry
and you admit that it was all just a lie.

I don't know what I will do then
With the rain pounding down around my ears
My arms wrapped around my knees
My face buried in between them
My hair will be soaked
My clothes will be drenched
I don't know what I will do then