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2004-06-20 04:16:01 (UTC)

dear daniel,

i am sorry that you ever had to meet me i am sorry i am
such a bitch, u deserve someone 100 x better then me you
are a areally great person who dosent deserve the bullshit
i am about to put you through. i cant say what will happen
with chad but i dont think i can you out with you and like
him at the same time i am not baing fair to you or chad i
wish i never meet you for your sake, you would be alot
better off with out me. i cant worry about my emotions and
yours i feel like such a bitch for hurting you like this
but i think i have to break it off before you get to
attached i am going with chad on saturday and if he askes
me out i think i might go 4 it i cant help it i have liked
him longer then i like you. dont get me wrong i do like u
but i do not deserve you i deserve someone like chad
someone who is a dick someone not real nice cuz he is just
like me. i hope things will work out and you will not hate
me i will understand if you do hate me tho i can handle
that. it seems like life would be so much easier if you
didnyt have feeling. i dont really want to talk bout thsa
any more just know that i am sorry and i never ever ment to
hurt you.

i wrote that letter today and i was thinking about giving
it to him i know i never will cuz i am to chicken i just
needed to write down what i felt i feel like a whore, and a
bitch i hate myself so much right now i just cant stand it.
i know to other people i am being "over dramatic" but they
dont know shit! you can fucking rot in hell with all your
damn judgements. i dont care what you think to me this is a
big deal and if you dont get that then lucky you you dont
have to deal with all the hell just go back to ur normal
self centerd problems fucking bastards.

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