Too Much to Say
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2004-06-20 00:20:37 (UTC)

i need to clean my room

yesterday in bible study my mom was talking about how
important it is to spend time with god every day and she
used the analogy of a dirty room. she said it's much
easier to keep your room clean if you pick up everything
daily, but the more you neglect it, the harder it is to
clean up. it's also much harder to see new dirt come in,
so the room just gets more and more filthy. obviously
comparing the room to our lives/hearts.
then i remembered this episode of oprah or something
where they were talking about how the condition of your
room represents the condition of your life. and it was so
true! when i clean my room it is spotless! if i'm gonna
clean it, i spend all day cleaning the whole thing. but it
always wears off and turns into a dump again before the
next cleaning. i can't ever get in the routine of picking
up a little every day to keep it continually clean. it's
exactly the same with my spiritual life. i let my life get
so messed up and dirty, then i clean it all up really
well...but i can't keep it that way. and the cycle goes on
and on.