2004-06-19 22:59:40 (UTC)

A Mix of Things

When I went for my walk this morning I noticed people's
front yards. Our little town doesn't have "good"
neighborhoods and "bad" ones. It's pretty much all mixed
up. One yard has every square foot filled with patriotic
themed items; it's been like that since Memorial Day and I
guess will stay that way through the Fourth. Before that it
was Easter decorations. They're big on Christmas and
Halloween too. The house is right across the street from the
elementary school. I bet the kids love it but probably not
their neighbors.

Another yard had one lonely, pathetic and sickly looking
bush in it. That's it; the grass was mowed though. In
some yards it looks like someone tried but it fell flat.
One had bright orange marigolds up the sidewalk with two big
red rose bushes at the ends and flower pots of more orange
marigolds scattered across the front of the house; it just
didn't work. Another had a yard full of rocks and bushes.
There was some attempt to make it look "artistic" but it
wasn't. It came across as cold and ugly, put together by
someone who didn't want to bother with a lawn. My favorite
yard had a nice combination of bushes, trees and flowers
with the lawn mowed and edged and an American flag and one
pot of bright red geraniums on the front porch.

I'm thinking of this because we're re-doing our front yard.
On the fence line between us and our neighbors (the pastor
and her husband) we have two nice hawthorn trees, a camellia
bush and a rhododendron. That looks pretty good and I've
left that alone. The left side of the house has
rhododendrons and other bushes and I like it too. It's the
other side of the house I'm thinking of. We had rose bushes
alongside the garage but they weren't all that healthy and I
didn't particularly like them so we've taken them out. So I
need to figure out what to plant there instead. I've put
"before" pictures up on my webshots page

After working in the yard for an hour I quit and decided to
go back to it again in the evening when it's cooler. I
spent the rest of the morning taking photos and putting
them up on the web shots page and looking through quilt
pattern books, deciding what patterns to use on the Liberty
Eagle quilt.
Pastor Ruth e-mailed me tomorrow's Sunday bulletin. Her
comment this week was--
Have you felt the Holy Spirit in the warm breezes
this week? God has been searching the streets to find ways
to be near you!
I like that.
I watched the video of HGTV Simply Quilt programs that Carol
had taped for me; I need to return it to her tomorrow at church.
I found some quilt patterns I like for the Liberty Eagle
quilt and made templates for them. I'm going to outline
quilt the applique pieces in the borders, adding veins to
the leaves, and then quilt it in diagonal lines. The flag
and eagle blocks will have stars, wavy lines and more
outline quilting. The sashing strips will have a cable and
the narrow outside border will have a grid.
I quilted a bit this afternoon but it's too hot. I think
I'll go read for a while.