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The Blue of my Oblivion
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2004-06-19 19:58:22 (UTC)

like, totally

I'm still in girly sleepover mode. I went to a sleepover
at Alexa's last night. What a riot that was. I showed up
first, five o'clock on the dot. It's amazing that I can
show up on time to a sleepover but never for anything else.
About a minute later Jenny showed up, and about an hour
later Beth got there. Three people out of ten showed up,
and that really hurt Alexa. She was really excited about
it, and then only the three of us showed up, and she was
disappointed. But I think it turned out great. When we were
waiting for Beth to get there, we walked to the soccer
field and goofed around. I climbed up on the goal and Jenny
tried to tie me to it with the dog's leash, but I jumped
down once I noticed what she was doing - but then she
hooked it to my belt loop and swung me around. I felt a
little dirty :) Then Beth got there and we got some chicken
and watched The Lion King (one of my all time favorite
disney flicks). Then we went to Blockbuster and rented 50
First Dates and The Exorcist. We watched 50 First Dates
first because Jenny didn't want to watch a scary movie and
so we watched that while Jenny and I tried to make some
sense of Beth's mass of hair. And then I french braided
Alexa's hair and she gave me a MUCH needed and appreciated
massage. The movie was funny, a cutesy romance flick. It
was pretty predictable but overall not bad. Then Jenny and
Beth migrated to the computer room while Alexa and I
watched The Exorcist. Bwaha it was such a good movie. I
wasn't very scared knowing that it was made in the early
70s and stuff that was scary then isn't really that
horrifying now. It was very good though, pretty creepy. I
think my favorite part was when the devil/Linda Blair was
having another convlusion during the exorcism and she was
yelling obscenities at the priest. "YOUR MOTHER SUCKS COCKS
took it so well. Oh, but then he died. And after that I
think we just flipped around on tv and watched vh1 or
something of that nature. Then Alexa and I pulled out the
masks. That was hilarious.
Previously, Alexa, Max, and I had started our mask club.
We put masks on and started a chatroom. Each mask at some
point or another was a fairly green color, so we decided we
were all Shrek. But to distinguish each from another, I'm
carribbean beach babe Shrek, Alexa is pale ghostlike Shrek,
and Max is white cracking Shrek. So Alexa got out her mask
and I got mine, and she cut up cucumbers. All of us layed
out on the couches with our green hardening masks on and
cucumbers on our eyes. Then we did a sort of "truth or
truth" type thing where we just went around asking
questions. As expected, we pretty much just ended up
talking about guys. Who was the best looking guy at our
(old) school, who we're crushing on nowadays, first kisses,
the works. It was, like, totally awesome! And as expected I
got asked about Applex. Did I still like him, why exactly
was it that was broke up, what was our first kiss like,
stuff like that. Oh and then we described our perfect date.
Ha it was fun. But the freezing cold cucumbers on my eyes
were a little distracting. They kept falling off, and they
were burning my eyes so I kept tearing and re-wetting the
mask. So hours passed and Alexa fell asleep. Jenny, Beth,
and I stayed up all night talking about a ton of stuff:
boys, gay marriage, people at school, what school is going
to be like next year, etc. And then it was about five and
we realized that the sun was coming up so we grabbed
blankets and sleeping bags and went out front to watch the
sunrise. So we talked, and about an hour or so flew by, and
we realized the sky was a lot lighter. So then we figured
out the trees were blocking it, cause we could see a bit of
gold trying to sneak out from behind the branches. So
giving up on watching the sunrise, we went back in and
tried to fall asleep. And after that didn't work, we
watched tv. Eventually everyone else fell asleep and I just
kind of sat there staring into space, thinking about a lot
of things and the realization that this is how it is just
shocked me. Then I dozed off for maybe an hour or so and I
got up, and checked my watch: 11:30. Pickup was at 12. So I
got changed and washed up and went in to wake everyone up
but they were already awake and we were going to help clean
up. But Beth and Jenny left early and so I stayed behind to
help clean, and we watched tv and thennnnnnnnn Alexa got
the phone. I had a hunch that I knew who she was calling,
and the hunch was confirmed when I heard her say, "Yeah but
Hannah is still here...yes, yeah I think she's over it...Do
you want to talk to her? Oh, okay, bye." Ouch. Well so I
knew it was Cohen, and I asked her about it. He had
apparently told her to call him once morning came around
but she called while he was practicing with his band (I
listened to the cd, it was actually somewhat nice) but
wanted to hang out with Alexa later. Then he found out that
I was there and didn't want to talk to me so he left. I
want to know about this "is she over it?" business. Of
course I'm over it, you big idiot, it was a year ago. Am I
THAT pathetic? Get over yourself...
A little while after that I left and ta daa now I'm here.
When I got home I snacked on twizzlers (new favorite candy)
and looked at Lindsey's pictures from Mexico. Ah Lindsey is
so cool I love her. The pictures reminded me of Antigua,
and I got sad. That was a whole year ago. I really liked
it, even though I got homesick. I wish I could go back now,
knowing more about myself and knowing more Spanish. The
language barrier was such a huge problem. Now it wouldn't
be so tough since I've learned more Spanish and they've
learned more English. We could have made it work. But I
won't make my parents spend that much money on me again. I
don't think they know how much I really appreciated the
trip. It was such an eye-opener for me. I really found
myself in Antigua. It was so beautiful. So I'm gonna use
the site that Lindsey used to host my pictures from there,
and from Beta, and the protest, all that good stuff.


one more day
one more day
one more day
one more day
one more day

ONE more DAY

1 more day


how many more? ONE!

uno dia mas

just one...

The closer it gets the more nervous slash excited I
become. I honestly cannot wait. oo and Tuesday night
is "spa night" at Avalon. Supposedly, because it's the last
night, they'll be doing all the funky stuff, so it'll be
more fun. She is such an angel for signing me up with her
to do this. I need it so bad. Mostly the massages, but the
rest is welcomed and appreciated. I haven't seen Lee since
last summer either, other than when we saw him in Major
Video a few days ago. I miss Lee, which makes me miss
Scott, which makes me think of Keith and well ew...I wonder
how the hetero life is working out for him. I'm still
waiting for his drag queen garage sale...it should be "fab-
you-lous" as the old Keith would say.

I have some work to do, writing wise, and I'm going to
start uploading pictures soon. Plus I need a shower to get
out of girly sleepover fix.


"...so, you don't want a hotpocket then...?"
- one of Cohen's songs :)

"Oh my gosh, girl, this color was MADE for you."
- Keith, two years ago...yay!

"Yeah I just want to be able to go home to my wife and kids
and give them the loving I never had as a child."
- Keith, last year...barf

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