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2004-06-19 19:18:16 (UTC)

Fanta pants! lmfao!

Heylo ppl..hows it going?! Im alritey..even tho im stuck in
with chicken pox..oh well..ill b allowed out nxt weekend!
yay! im countin down the days! LoL! I was gonna name this
entry..'Orange Fanta' coz i basically survive on the
stuff..but then fanta came and pants had to follow..anyone
who knows about that story shud laff..but aye!

Well last nite i went up 2 ma grans n got all spoiled by ma
papa coz ma gran was at a nite out..n jus chilled about n
watched big brother..twas a good nite..then went 2 bed n
watched more big brother n foned random ppl 2 spk 2 them
coz i was bored..! :p hehe..crazyness of it all..i
eventually fell asleep about 4.30ish so im pretty tired atm!

Today i jus went 2 the centre 2 pick ma gran up from work
then went 2 ma Auntie Donnas house for a while n watched a
film..her house kiks ass! its big n fancy n its all like
cream n brown inside so it makes it look really posh!
lol..its pretty..anyhoo i think i mite b going 2 stay there
one day nxt weekend..but probs not cz ill b allowed 2 b
free! yass! Anyway after that we went 2 Safeway n got
shoppin n then came home!!

Tonight..iv already had dinner *FaJiTas* it was fuckin
amazin!! but am jus gonna laze about n watch Love Actually
i think..or i mite watch Kill Bill! aint saw either of them
yet..OoO! Edward Scissorhands could also be in the runnin!
lol..this is wat my life is gonna consist of for the nxt
week..wat dvd 2 watch..OoO! how interestin! haha..! well
everyones away out 2nite 2 Seans house..2 get drunk n hav a
laff kinda sucks that ill b missin it bt i
dnt rly feel like going out anywayz..! and..! i know
someones dilema thats maybe going ill get 2 find
out all the gossip n stuff of that particular person..!
haha am likin it! :o)!

Well tis fathers day 2moro..n am going 2 ma dads 2 c him n
ma papa..n chill about down there..! It sucks that i cant
go n c Static X 2moro nite tho..:o( am hefty gutted bout
that..since its their only scottish date n they hardly ever
tour..! but oh wells..! i hav the chicken pox n thats that!
well i feel that i hav rambled on long enuff ill
go n catch yes all later..!

- x adios x -

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