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2004-06-19 18:54:49 (UTC)

last night i went on a date..

last night i went on a date with someone from craigslist.
and he wasnt bad. good conversation, and laughing and
but he didnt offer to pay for dinner. and he didnt offer to
drive me home, and didnt put me in a cab, and didnt tell me
some varaition on how he liked the way i looked, he wasnt a

i couldnt help but compare to chris. why am i comparing to
chris? chris you shattered my stupid heart into a million
because on my first date with chris, it was easy to talk to
him. easy isnt the word. i felt comfortable. i felt easy.
there was that connection, and it was very strong. and
chris did the classiest thing in all the world when the
check came. he took it, and took out his money under the
table , so i wouldnt even see what the bill was. ill never
forget that, in all my life.

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