Too Much to Say
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2004-06-19 17:41:13 (UTC)


what is going on? they never call! boys never call!
but this one did. what have i gotten myself into? he's
sooooo sweet! and i don't dislike him in any way at
all...i just can't be with him! my heart is in such a
distant place, and my head is so clouded. throw dating in
there and everything goes crazy. our "relationship" is
already entirely too physical after two nights, i wouldn't
be able to hold out much longer. and it wouldn't be fair
to him to do so. i can't handle this boy. you know what
he said? he said he would call me tonight, he said he
wanted to take me out next friday, he said he loved the way
i kissed, he said, "I WANT TO KISS YOU ALL OVER YOUR
BODY!!!!!" DAMN IT! how do you react to something like
that?!?! it's like, yeah, i want you to do that too...but
we shouldn't...right? and he's such a little romantic. a
fool for love.