Xx Millie xX

Life Is For Living, Rite?
2004-06-19 12:35:11 (UTC)

For You

For he who stood beside me
When everything went wrong
Who laughed and scorned and snorted
At every emotional song

For he who is emotionless
Who tries to keep it chill
Who kept me standing on my feet
And patches up my will

For he who laughed and flirted
And whenever life grew bad
For he who gave a shoulder
Whenever life got sad

For he who loved me from the start
And never let it die
And kept me safe inside his heart
And never questioned why

You are all the maddest
Guys I have ever seen
But friends like every one of you
Are few and far between

For Phil, Slug, Todge and Matt

Xx Millie xX

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