The neverending tale
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2004-06-18 21:26:44 (UTC)

oh boy oh boy..

i kno its been like 100007 million yrs since i last wrote
but i kno sumwhere theres an explenation.....i dont want
schoool to end...i'll miss alll my friends espically all the
fun we had in english,studio art,math....u kno who u's
are.rea rea i really hope you get to come to alleghany wit
me will have sooo much fun tones of trouble to cause and the
good thing is hopefully ppl we arent very fond of will be
there....since we wont have time for that certain
person..since real friends would stab u in the front.well
thats all the time for now enjoy life.i kno i will.
later dayz!
a to the z

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