2004-06-18 15:49:46 (UTC)


I only got two hours of sleep last night because - well, I
dunno why? I jst woke up two hours after I went asleep.

But I woke up with a new song in my head that I better
write out soon before I forget it.

And I finished my "Breezy & Brian - A Soundtrack"
Compilation of 109 songs, all but 5 of which were already
in my CD collection, that reminded me of us - more
specifically were tunes we were into then or happening
during some event I remember distinctly. It had to go
onto 2 CD's though - because my MP3's are extremely high
quality - the first fit 66 MP3's, the second, the other
45. I also finished the 17 song audio CD "Breezy & Brian -
A Soundtrack (Best Of)" - it was very hard to pear down
109 songs to the most significant 17. Anyway - that is
all finished, and I ahve a copy, and a playlist set up on
the conputer for it as well.

And I finished "The Latin Tune" - finally.

And I got my stub in.

So it has been pretty productive.