Hokwan dish~
2004-06-18 14:53:07 (UTC)

Sunny day!

Wow, 終於都完成jor一個禮拜ge 考試lo!!! 但我好驚,我都無溫書,D
考試卷好難ar!!! 足足訓左成個禮拜!!! 點算呢???

Today is also the first day of my mum because she went to
work today! Um... i don't really know what she need to do
and is it a hard job for her! I really worried about that
because she didn't say anything abou today's job! For me,
needed to get money outside is not a easy job, although
i've asked her many times that is it really hard and she
also answered me that no! but, i really want to know the
real answer! She took a little time for sleeping and she
said that she was very tired because she didn't have enough
sleep, but is it the real reason of her tired?