Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-06-18 12:42:27 (UTC)

Not much time, as usual

Well, I finally got a free moment to type, and yet I have
no privacy! The oldest boy has learned to read, and he
gets better and better at it every day! So, in other
words, he is watching over what I type as I type.
I haven't been able to do any entries in quite a while. At
first it was because T's swimming lessons were at 8:30 in
the morning and that allows me absolutely NO time in the
morning to get on the computer. Now the lessons are at 10
and in the central part of town (rather than South).
I just blew up at him again....I'm getting bad about that
lately. It seems like he literally does not hear me/listen
to me unless he's not supposed to be listening, ya know?
Then, when you don't want him to be listening, he hears
every word you say! I have to repeat myself 2, 3, or 4
times, and by then, I'm yelling. Then he tells me, Don't
yell at me, Mom. Or you don't have to yell, Mom. I do
have to yell when it's what? What? What did you say?
Dayummmm! Yes, I'm going to yell then to make sure you
hear me.
Now the baby fusses, I hold him, fight with him to keep him
from trying to help me type, and he just puked all over
me. I'm already thinking that this is not going to be a
good day. The baby's starting to scream now because I laid
him down on the bed. I guess my minute has just run out
and I gotta run!

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