My thoughts
2004-06-18 01:29:23 (UTC)

I used to have a diary on here a year or two ago..

I have just decided to start writing in this thing again.
I feel like i am in a totally different part of my life,
so i erased all that i had written before. There was alot
of confusion and heartache. I am pretty much now happy in
my life. I will start by telling a little about myself. In
July i will be 26. Im not too happy about that..its a
little too close to 30 for me. I dont feel that old most
days..still feel like i am the same person i was when i
was 18.. more mature now, but i still look the same. I am
married for almost 5 years. Haley my youngest daughter is
14 months old and my oldest is Kala and shes 7. I start
college in Aug. and Im really excited about that. It has
been 8 years since i was in high school. Its about time i
started getting my life on the right track. Up until now i
was not sure about my kids future, but now i know that i
will be able to provide for them. I live in Louisiana,
which is where i was raised until i was 21. I have not
even been back here a year yet. My family is here and my
husbands family lives in Memphis, Tn(which is where i met
him and got married and lived up until Oct 03). I am much
happier here. My sister is my best friend. Noone could
possibly ask for a better sister. I missed her the most
while living in tn. I have a job as a telemarketer. I know
its not the best job..most ppl hate me when i call them,
but it pays really well so i like it. I guess thats all
for now.

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