The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-06-17 20:57:56 (UTC)


Heylo goes it..? I woke up this morning n got an
appointment at the doctors coz i thot i had chicken pox!
turns it it was 2 early 2 tell becoz my 1st spots only came
out yday but ill know by 2nite/2moro if it is or not..if
its not that then iv taken an allergic reaction 2 midgie
bites!! oh fun! i really think its chicken pox nows tho coz
more n more are jus startin 2 appear and they really are am sittin in with hunner of camolile lotion on
all the wee spots which leaves ya with with white stuff all
about! they really really itch also! ach wells..ill needa b
a prisoner for a while..! i suppose it wud probs best 2 b
chicken pox coz then i wont gt them wen im older as they
get worse and they will clear up within 2 weeks whereas
midgie allergy will b here forever! ohhh wells!!

Was supposed 2 b going 2 c Nuground 2nite at Crystals but
the itchyness kinda fucks up that plan also..hehe..Good
Luck Nuground n sorry for not being able 2 make it 2
another one yer gigs..! xx *thinks* i dont even think
anyone from Nuground reads ma diary but oh wells! :p

I had such a fucked up dream last was jus really
really queer n horrible..n everytime i woke up id wake up
in a cold sweat..then i wud go back into the same dream
when i went back 2 sleep..scary shit! i suppose some of it
could have been alrite..:-/..nah actually i dunno! im
thinkin 2 much about it nows..! well am off 2 watch big
brother..! i was awake last nite when i was watchin them
all fightin..couldnt sleep so i turned it on jus as they
were all beginning 2 fight..was really quite funny!

- x adios x -