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2004-06-17 18:12:26 (UTC)

NOVEMBER 23rd 2001 2

2001-11-23 03:57:26
#12... WOW

Oh my gosh.. wow, what a day... went to my aunt and uncles,
my dad got pulled over by a state trooped for going 90 on a
65 MPH highway, lol. got annnnooooyed by my little 3 year
old cousin Frank for like 8 hours, and just now came home..
he kept following me and my brother, so we told him there
was pie inside, and he ran away from us, so we ran outside
down the street and talked for awhile. he talked to me
about this girl he likes... its not to know that he
actually trusts me now and can talk to me about stuff. i
mean we used to, but he would never vollentarily (sp?) talk
to me about someone he likes..
WOW omg.. wow... okay, well i got home, and my friend Amber
ICQS me and asks me "Misty have you talked shit behind my
back in the last week?" and I go "No why?" the only thing i
have said about you is that u sometimes ditch me, but
everyone ditches me..." and she says "Andrew said you wrote
him and he said hes gonna bring it on Monday" well yah, so
Andrew spilled everything, .. well screw him, i dont care.
Ambers not mad at me anyway, she appologised, and now
andrew jsut told me "hey christy im really really really
sorry about what happened the other night i really didnt
want it to happen that was soooo if you dont want to talk
to me thats fine but you dont have to go around and tell
everybody about one of the biggest mistakes i have made"
(the only ppl i told were kevin and marco and hmm i think
thats it! and of course all you fine people...) yah well
now hes appologising to me, but why should i listen tohim
now? SO i'm having a 'tude with him, he deserves it
anyway. "uhmmm well first of all i would've tried to figure
out a different way that i didnt really love you without
hurting you (which would be hard) and if that wouldnt work,
well i would've told you the truth thats what i wish i
would have done" "ok well what i meant by that was that we
werent going out and stuff i couldnt think of what to say
and i was kinda mad i didnt mean that we didnt have a
friendship if that makes any sense" "im sure it did it
hurt me to know that i did soemthing to you liek that"
pffff yeah right Andrew...
Anyway i found out this news, but icant tell ANYONE I
know... (cept a few ppls... BRYAN!) but.. Y DAD GOT OFFERED
A JOB IN CALIFORNIA! OMG!! ok, so heres the story.. hes
PROBALLY not gonna take it, cuz my mom (of course its her)
wants to stay near her family, but there's still a chance..
it pays like triple what my dad makes now, (which is kinda
alot) and its CLOSER TO COLORADO!! (lol thats all i care
about) REASONS WHY I WANNA MOVE: closer to colorado!! =) =)
my dad will be making like, triple the amount of now. i
HATE this city sooo much. Closer to CO. Wisconsin Smells.
MOVE: I will miss my friends i DO have here, and starting
HS again would be hard. I like my cities HS
colors ..humph.,.

"free to keep breathing, free to believe" ~switchfoot