Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2004-06-17 14:21:13 (UTC)

god damn small minded people

yes there is small minded people out there had someone
today send my diary a message saying that my life
was "interesting" thats not what its about this is my
release to the world so to hell with you all

ok formalitys out of the way

bought more cds today

scandinavian leather
ass cobra
apocalypse dudes

yeah very scandinavian punk/retro old school rock not to
bad just some thing new to listen to again its cool

so yeah busy busy busy again just trying to get by but it
seems that god is tryin to blow me off the face of the
earth again bad weather sucks

oh i am so gad damn tired so i am off for the night yeah by
the way so tired

drug about a weeks sleep
music the 69 eyes wasting the dawn