How would you ever guess.
2004-06-17 02:39:59 (UTC)


So since Ive been back Ive gotten back to my normal way of
life. Im back to school, which feels great, and back to
work which isnt all that great.

I met a guy named Chris at a party a few months ago and him
and I had hung out a few times... but also had slept
together. Well I had come to find out that him and the girl
that lives across the street from my brother are sleeping
together. Or so it definetly seems that way. He's at her
house all the time... and when I called him yesterday
Brandie answered the phone
Brandie: Hello?
Me: Hey is Chris there?
Brandie: Umm no, hes busy right now he hashis mouth full.
Me: Umm riiight *hangs up phone*

Me thinking: He just lost everything. I dont know why I
deal with people like him. I had gotten him a ticket to go
to a concert with a friend and I also and now I have to
find someone to take it. I mean Im sure any one will want
it but I want someone cool to go.

I have this thing with sleeping with or wanting to sleep
with the "bad boys" I love them.. when all in all I just
want a nice guy. You wont find them around here though.

Anywho Im out...
Later Kids

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