here today tomorrow next week
2004-06-17 02:38:39 (UTC)


Such massive confusion... *sigh*

So it started with me being interested in her (and her
being interested in me), then she got "scared" when I tried
to spend time w/ her. Yet every once in a while we'd cuddle.

Then we started kissing so one morning as I left I asked
her "So is this a start for us" her reply was "probably",
but a day or two later she said that she wanted to be

Well then we started cuddling more and her firend decided
that she doesn't like me and started to complain, so then
her mom decides we need to "talk about the age difference."
*shrug* not like I have anything to hide. Once the friend
leaves her mom stops caring about it all or at least hasn't
said anything further to me. Though apparently she did tell
Koneko that she was too young to be kissing me so we stop
doing that (which is fine, cause all I want is her
daughters company and to hold her). Then Willow starts
bitching cause we have established anything official, so I
ask koneko and she responds "of course"... later though she
states that she's scared of her dad finding out and that we
need to quit. So I decided that i would just talk with her
parents one on one about everything, (my intentions,
feelings, and promises...) but that's kinda difficult when
I don't know when I could talk to just them. So koneko
still have not talked about our plans, but she still tells
me she loves me every night on the phone.

So much more, but I can't think... all I can do is wait and
see and hope that Koneko opens up and tells me what she
wants, or hope that Willow will help and pry out stuff...