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2004-06-17 02:28:03 (UTC)

Quilting and A Sprained Ankle

I sprained my ankle when I went on my walk yesterday morning
and it's still bothering me. No, I told John, I'm not
making faces at you. I'm wincing when I walk on the leg with
the sprained ankle. Well, I don't have to walk when I quilt
and I was happy to finally finish quilting the Star quilt.
I even cut out the binding and began sewing it on! Maybe
this quilt will get done, including the binding. I don't
like doing the binding and often put it off. Sometimes a
quilt will remain quilted but unbound and therefore not
usuable, for weeks, months and in some cases, years! I'm
hoping if I make myself do it right away maybe that won't
happen. I knew I had some solid yellow fabric that I wanted
to use and after looking through six bins of fabric in the
garage I finally found it in the seventh.

I also wrestled the Liberty Eagle quilt top in the frame and
have begun quilting the rose border. It takes about an hour
to get the backing, batting and top in the frame but I love
my three rail quilt frame; it means I don't have to
baste the three layers together and I hate basting about as
much as I do applying binding. I thought the corner blocks
too plain so I appliqued a blue star in each corner. I like
how that turned out.

I made a label for the quilt using photo paper and while I
was at it I printed the photos I want to use to make the "My
Favorite Photo of You" quilt of the boys. I remember some
blue print I had which I think would work well with it but I
don't remember where it is. I can't remember seeing it in
any of the seven bins of fabric I went through today so I'll
have to look through the bins in the closets and under the

You might think I have too much fabric but I'm a quilter.
There's no such thing as too much fabric!