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2004-06-16 20:07:24 (UTC)

Scissorr Sisterrrrs!

Heylo all! I aint wrote on this in ages so its gonna b like
a big fuck off entry..which i bet will turn out 2 be
shorter than ma other entrys..aah that dont even make
sense! LoL! im silllee! anyhoo! Scissor Sisters are jus
amazin! :o)! they are soooo good! N i wish i was going 2 T
in the Park 2 c them playing bt ill wait till they cum 2
Glasgow n ill c them then! Ill make someone whos going 2 T
to go and c them..coz that will make me happy..erm..aye!
LoL! So a random update of what i have done -;

Friday nite - I decided to invite some ppl over coz i had
an empty n stuff n then it turned into quite a few ppl
being bro had his pals over n stuff..n i got
really quite drunk! lol..but i was good n went 2 ma bed
while everyone was still here..but it was ok coz ma bro was
in! anywayz it turned into a really good nite!!

Saturday nite - I started off the nite by workin which was
pretty good n a good laff n then ye get free drink n i was
mixing them so i was steamin..then i came home n argued
with ma mum n brother n then kod in the hall with ma bro
beatin me about..oh the joy of it all..wasnt 2 good..coz it
got all messy n stuff but ach wells!

Sunday nite - I dont even remember what i done on Sunday
nite..oops..ach wells! LoL!

Tuesday nite - I skipped past Monday coz there wasnt really
anything interesting happened or i didnt actual do anything
so aye..! Well 2nite was the dance nite n it went pretty
good..we we're all shitting it at 1st when we went on..but
then it got good..! :o)! apparently it looked well good n
stuff so thats good..! Erm Well done 2 the Nuground boys
and To Andrew n Andrew for there was well good..!
After dancing i went out with ppl n ran about for a
bit..well i jus really sat about with Donald n Craiko..and
iv been actually eaten alive by midgies..they hav attacked
all round the bottom of my back..the front of ma face..its so bad..i hate
them so much! aaahhhhh!

2nite - i jus stayed in n chilled about..i actually slept n
i jus got up about 8.30..which meens im probs not gonna b
able 2 sleep 2nite but ach was pishin down
anywayz so i wudnt hav gone out..! Malcolm n that went up
Calderglen n got caught in the pissin rain..heavy gutted!
LoL! ach wells..! ma tummy hurts atm..ouch..!

2moro - i think i mite be going 2 c Nuground playing in
Crystals..which ill needa ask Leesha if she wants 2 go..cud
ask Emma also but i dunno if she will b back at skewl or
watever so uhm aye..! I dont really hav any money but im
gonna go anywayz n jus not drink a lot..! well i think iv
rambled on enuff pish..!

- x adios x -

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