polyester bride

The Blue of my Oblivion
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2004-06-16 18:47:20 (UTC)

to max

Okay Max, I want to do the movie thing too. It sounded
like a good idea, but - forgive me if I seem a little
snobby here - I don't really like the idea of Ben taking a
lot of the credit. He said he'd be the producer, but he
won't actually produce anything. He gave us an idea to make
a movie, which we'd already talked about anyway. All he did
was tell us we should make our low budget movie from the
point of view of fourteen-year-olds. And really, how else
would we have done it? So I think it's a great idea, and we
can use the camera and software I have - that is, if you
want to - and brainstorm so I can begin working on the
screenplay. But you'll have to help me, because you are
very creative and used to writing screenplays. I'll get a
bunch of help from my video class, and it'll be great. I
can't wait to start working on it.

I'll probably tell you this in person, and instant
message it to you, but I'm telling you now as well
just...just because...


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