u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-06-16 16:50:03 (UTC)


ya so me n katie went to dunkins after our pd a final cuz
we have study pd b, and we were getin ready to leave
school and shes like "o jamie is going" i was liek HA how
bout she dosent, shes a sweet girl...but shes jus anoying,
so we left w/out her and guess who we saw walking down the
street? fuckin sara daws! she struts up wit her ugly ass
boyfriend and gives me this look like "damn" so of course
i returned one i so wanted her to say sumthin to me wen i
walked by, cuz i would have def gotten into a fight w/her
on tha corner of so. willow. i dont even no how to explain
it, i hate her more than anything! i just see her and blood boils ugh! shes so full of herself. but
ANYWAYZE...b4 i get really heated....
ya so our bus is pulling out of the school and its
stradeling the fukin yellow line and it rips off sum girls
mirror so we had to wait 4 the cops and do a police report
so now im home late. tonight im hitin tha books and then
goin 2 my cuz matt's graduation at woodburry then to his
house for the party thinggy. i have a feeling sumthin else
is guna happen too. if he even tries lookin me up and down
once.....i think im guna puke on him..then beat his ass

haha im such a sweetheart!

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