carole for Master
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2004-06-16 16:12:22 (UTC)

kalila's Tile Dance

kalila} ]Î[: *the curtains open slowly...the dance
begins in a softly misted setting behind Masters couch, a
slave chained to it, soon to awaken from her sleep*

Tad ]Î[: smiles

{kalila} ]Î[: slowly stirring on the cool red tiles at
the foot of Masters couch,fluttering dark lashes caressing
her rosey hued cheeks, her sparkling hazel green eyes open

{kalila} ]Î[: still glazed from the intensely erotic
dreams that have awoken her, she raises her head tilting
slightly, soft golden curls cascading over her shoulders

{kalila} ]Î[: the soft caressing locks of hair teasing
her slaveflesh, realising where she is, her fingernails
grazeover her smoothe ivory skin, grasping at the silks
threaded with gold

{kalila} ]Î[: tiny slavebells jingle as she claws the
silks away from her quivering body, dragging them over her
moist slaveheat she moans out in wild needy growls,
catching her breath as her eyes search the room

{kalila} ]Î[: feeling so alone, her need for Masters
touch raging inside her she presses her firm rounded
bottom to the tiles in rythmic undulating motion

{kalila} ]Î[: her seductive hips rising in such erotic
rythmns, her taunt belly tightening with every fluid
movement of her needy slaveflesh her eyes emerald brightly
glowing fires of lustful emotion

{kalila} ]Î[: her moist ruby lips opening with wanton
moans caressing them,her tongue seducing her mouth gliding
over her warm full lips that ache to taste the Master she
yearns to please

{kalila} ]Î[: she moves with the sleek sinewy
movements of a larl in deep heat,her golden collar
suddenly tightening upon her neck as she growls in her
heated lustful need

{kalila} ]Î[: as the chain attached to her collar
confines her to Masters couch. she pulls at the chain
whimpering in frustrated moans as she wants to run free
from the chain to find Master

{kalila} ]Î[: to beg Him to place His strong firm
demanding hands upon her, to use her the way He used to
with passion and unyielding force, oh how she loved
submitting to Him

{kalila} ]Î[: how she now aches for His touch to send
her into the most wonderful state of submission, her cries
of need filling the room, as she rolls over and over
grinding her slaveflesh to the tiles

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmm

{kalila} ]Î[: helpless in her need, small hands glide
over her lush curves, her nipples, a deep rose hue
hardened in her state of arousal her hands pressing her
heaving breasts as though they were Masters hands

{kalila} ]Î[: she writhes on the tiles, tossing her
head from side to side, her golden locks flowing in the
motions, her thighs spreading wide, then tightening
together aching to feel Master inside her

{kalila} ]Î[: her resounding gutteral cries of lustful
need filling the room, her hands reaching down clutching
silken thighs, spreading them wider, her body begging for
His caress

{kalila} ]Î[: as she takes a quick drink

Tad ]Î[: stifles a laugh

{kalila} ]Î[: grins and drinks the whole goblet

Tad ]Î[: roflmao

Tad ]Î[: proceeed

{kalila} ]Î[: and gathers her senses

{kalila} ]Î[: she writhes in a frenzy twisting her
tormented body, rolling at the foot of His couch, she
pulls the chain between her legs, guiding it in the heated
frenzy to her swollen pearl

{kalila} ]Î[: the ache causing her to gasp out in a
wild moans of pleasure, grinding her fadu shamelessly on
the chain, pulling with wild untamed fury of lustful

{kalila} ]Î[: her nektar flowing coating the silver
links that torment her need even higher, nails scratching
at the red tiles, over and over she screams out, arching
her sunkissed back

{kalila} ]Î[: her soul calling out for Master.
Suddenly she gasps, a sound, she hears a sound, she curls
up covering her wanton petals, she ceases her panting, her
eyes startled as she takes in the vision

{kalila} ]Î[: He is there before her The Master she
aches for, standing right before her, her startled eyes,
meeting His, she wonders how long He had been there, her
eyes gazing over His handsome strong virile form

{kalila} ]Î[: the tears flow down her face as she
feels her fires, her deepest submission, her heated need
culminating, she moans out loud, throwing her arms before

{kalila} ]Î[: the raging wanton feelings flooding back
to her, writhing in front of Him, shamelessy showing her
need, uninhibited movements as her hips rise and fall,
grinding as she crawls towards Him

{kalila} ]Î[: halted by the chain, she screams out in
her wild need, deep lustful moans as she begs over and
over, "please Master, please use this wanton slut, she
needs Master, so very much"

{kalila} ]Î[: her tears trailing down her cheeks, her
hands reaching out as far as the chain to her collar will
allow her, begging from deep within her soul

Tad ]Î[: looking to the slut, hearing her pleas,
seeing her need

{kalila} ]Î[: "please Master, please Master, please
she begs You to use her in the furs with all she has to
give Master, to You, she offers her body heart and soul
totally to You

Tad ]Î[: watching in silence for a time

{kalila} ]Î[: her pitiful body straining at the chain,
her silken thighs spread wide as she trembles in need, He
moves towards her, she crouches back, praying within that
He is not displeased with her

{kalila} ]Î[: she feels her body ready to erupt in her
desire for Him. she feels Him unleash the chain from her
collar, she falls forward laying kisses to His leather
strapped boots

{kalila} ]Î[: worshiping the Master before her, her
gentle sobs, her heated body consumed by His presence

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