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2004-06-16 14:57:32 (UTC)

My Sister Is Drunk

Right that was weird i just got a phone call from my sister
she was really really drunk and she can't drink and thank
god its not gunna be my hangover.

i bought three new cds today very cool cds at that too
first i got : the 69 eyes wasting the dawn

then the 69 eyes blessed be

and finally the 69 eyes paris kills

this is another of my finnish bands except this one is a
little different this one is a little darker then the rest
i have got

to start with tis one is a band that semi sort of think
that they are all creatures of the night aka vampires
this is a little weird even for me but its goth rock so its
normal for me they are a very laid back and cruisy sort of
feel to them anyways

work sux another big day and 33 fucking meals later i am
nackered again bloody whitey has no fucking idea what the
menu is yet so i am doin it basically all by myself
shit happens and i can handle it

yeah so i am on holidays soon and so looking forward to it
even if it is only a week i am gunna get drunk!!!

yeah could be fun i have this whole beard thing happening
at the moment i need a shave lookin feral again maybe
before food and wine friday night i a so busy at work
gettin it ready so i will wait till then because i have to
talk to them afterwards buggered if i know what to say its
make or break time with these guys

had an offer from wes to have a summer work excursion could
be fun but long way to go for three months easy come easy
go i spose

music my one savouior

i can hide in it and scream it out loud

if its too loud you are way to old

and for those who are wondering i am still torn up about my
heart i leans toward one and its being torn apart i just
want it to settle back where it was i want her bak as my
friend i cannot see life being full without her i am over
the fact that what i did was wrong i know that and i have
learnt from it and i want her back so bad but as it happens
i can't life will go on for all those who care but shit it
hurts all i can say is what you feel is not always there

gtg for the night


drug extra energy during the day to do what i need to
song the 69 eyes, grey

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