Goodnight, Starlight.

2004-06-16 12:18:41 (UTC)

June 16th

Howdy. Not much goin on today. Didnt go to school again.
Feeling 'blah'.
Im really the kind of person to believe dreams happen for
a reason. And i had a dream last night, i was on my
computer, watching these videos i made of paul and i
sitting at my computer chillin, with him in this pink
shirt...ahh. And me talking to Liam while watching this
weird episode of Only fools and horses..Then my mom had
been on the tele with the doctor...and she says im
pregnant. HA! So i took the test, and i was. But i was just
all like, IVe never had sex before! Unless i was
sleepwalking and some dude screwed me? Yeahhh weird. So
then i was all...I need to tell Liam and see what he says,
so i told him and he was all.."Blahhhhhh" So then i
thought. Oooo i so need to tell Paul about this. But i woke
up before i got to tell him. but Before i woke up, and
before i could tell him, i was thinkin..(in my dreamm..?)
that ACK! He could actually be the father! oMg! Nnyeaaaaa
thats it. Thats what happened. So i dont know what it all
means. and ive been thinking about it non stop since i woke
up this morning. Now feeling embaressed for writing it in
Well im gettin 24 season 2 for sure now!!! YAY! Mom said
i get it for grading. I would get it now, but with grams b-
day stuff goin on, mom just bought her a expensive
bracelet, 300 bucks i think, or 200..So i cant get it now.
But i am getting it for sure. I might end up getting the
season 2 and 1 together for 80 bucks, then selling season 1
to someone since i already have it. Oh and i cant wait till
Sharon Osbourne comes on:-) Chase from 24's gonna be on
it :-) YAY!
Well im off...