My usually fucked up life...
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2004-06-16 06:29:56 (UTC)

My day.....

Today sucked severely. It started off bad when I found I
slept in late yet again and knew I'd end up stuck up late
yet again. Then I sent the link to this all to my g/f that I
mentioned in it. By the time the day was over, I'd pulled 2
muscles in my body pushing my wheelchair...oh yes, I forgot
to mention, I'm physically disabled and wheelchair bound. I
am paralyzed since birth due to spina bifida, a birth
defect. And I had split up with the girlfriend while there
is still the ability for her and I to stay friends. I only
hope that one day her and the kids will forgive me for what
I did. My family accepted my decision although they were
also sad for me which slightly shocked me since they had
been upset about my moving in the first place but always
managed to stay neutral and let me run my life the way I
wanted. That is the thing that I have always loved about my
family. They would speak their minds but at the same time
they would allow me to make my final decisions. I'm hoping
that eventually things will settle down and I won't have to
live here with my family for long. Well, that's about it for
the day so I guess I'll make this one short and wrap it up here.