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2004-06-16 00:40:54 (UTC)

in conclusion to sunday night

my point that i forgot to make was.
yes i *do* like chris, and yes i *am* mad about that.

i try to to repeat u know or do over whatever. plus, i
dunno. i just dont want to get involved with anyone at this
tiem of my life.

today, we chatted online, and it was interesting. it made
me laugh which is not surpriosingly. thats one thing i
always liked about chris, he made me laugh so much. plus,
thats one thing i always loved, just being friends with him
you know? he's so funny. i was real happy that we were
still friends after our date lol. amy was ticked off at him
but still.
man i coudl go on and on.

but one reason i am mad i like him still(bcuz i have for
probably a month.) is sunday night, he was a jerk. not a
jerk but he pretty much ignored amy and i because cecily
and ashleigh were there i guess. i dont know. but it was a
rude awakening.

too bad. he would be fun to be with.

anyway im out... bye