my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-06-16 00:01:09 (UTC)

the REST of sunday

which i should have posted sunday night but i dindt get
home untill 2 am. yes 2 am. summer baby :-D
anyway after church sunday night they had a "lingerlonger"
for the grads u know and ashleigh and cecily went over to
jordan and jasons(NOT GAYS jason is staying with jordan
forthe summer) and were over there and amy adn i were at gp
talking to david, they're friend (whom they ditched for
chris n jason bcuz ash likes jason and she just freakin met
him.) and eventually we decided to walk over there because
we were also bored lol. ne way we were over there and jason
and chris were playing video games.
ash n ces had decided that they were going to a movie, and
chris and jason were going with them. jason didnt know this
till ash was like "we're leaving come on jason" so they
were walking out and we walked out 2 bcuz we coudln't stay
at jordans w/o him or jason there ya know. (well we could
have but still.) and jason said "are u guys sure u dont
wanna go?" and i said "what do ya mean we weren't eben
invited." and he said "really i jsut figured they invited
you." but nope. so we ended up going. anyway, um we went
and ces n ash went in first and only got enough seats for
them and the guys and jordan amy and i say way in front of
them ect im trying to get through this its aggravating, we
went to ihop amy got in big trouble bcuz her moms
ridiculous. any way gg bye

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