No time for love Dr. Jones
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2004-06-15 06:28:22 (UTC)

Where've the good times gone?

Another year passes and I feel another year older.

Weekend was good, Belinda took me out for dinner to a
Mexican restaurant on Saturday night, had my first
margarita. As I was nearing the bottom of the intensely
cool shaped glass, I noticed I was starting to feel a bit
tipsy. Strange, it was only my first drink of the evening!
Must've had something to do with the three headache tablets
I downed 20 minutes beforehand. Ip!

On Sunday had a big family lunch at the local pub which was
very nice.

Monday Belinda and I went to the DVD/Comic/Music sale thing
at the showgrounds, which was complete bollocks. Only one
comic stand and it was so badly out of organisation that I
couldn't be buggered to stand around and look through all
the boxes. There was also a 40th anniversary Beatles
exhibit on so we checked that out. There was some crazy
shit there. They had a big display showing different kinds
of merchandising and paraphernalia from the back in the
day. There were lunchboxes, pencil cases, yadda yadda
yadda. They even had a friggin Beatles matress!

oh, after Sunday's lunch a few family members came back to
our place for coffee and Maddy ended up falling over and
smacking the back of her head on the coffee table, putting
one of her teeth straight through her lip! There was blood
evrywhere. It was NOT cool.

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