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2004-06-15 06:02:22 (UTC)

what the hell am i doing?

i was thinking today about how much of a bitch i am. i feel
really bad 4 wanting to go out with chad. i cant stand it i
hate likeing him so much i dont want to hurt daniel abut i
know i prolly will. he doesnt deserve it he is way to nice
of a person. i hate having him like me cuz he deserves
better someone who will love him how he deserves to be
loved. i am gunna call chad tomorrow and tell him how i
feel i hope things work out good they will most likly not
but i can hope cant i? i want to go out with chad i miss
him i dont like daniel how he likes me and that sucks ass
he is just to nice and to clingy 4 me i dont know what to
do i just wish everyone would go away