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2004-06-15 03:15:11 (UTC)

stupid life

taking this intensive writing workshop, its makin me feel
(so far) like im an ass

how do i do everything?
its scary how far i still have to go to be a good writer.
scary how much work ihave to do. how will i doit? how will
i get into a grad school? how will i work and make money?
how will i lose weight? i gained 5 pounds. true, ive not
been religiously going to the gym.

i feel fat, dependant on my parents, untalented,
undesirable, and stupid.

although a few people have said they liked what i had
written. teacher said it was fascinating and she touched me
a lot. and im the youngest there. some are a few years

i feel like theres too much to do and i dont knw where to
start or what are priorities. also, i feel my youth
draining away and i want to be with my friends as much as
possible before thats all over
kevins going to iraq, rita to cali.. then what next, who