Pieces of Me
2004-06-15 02:03:59 (UTC)

Explanation and Redirection

Reading over my own journal entries, I realize that I must
come across as a very emotional, unstable person.

Perhaps I am those things to a certain extent... but
that's not all!
And honestly, I feel a little bit bad for inflicting such
discomfort upon those who have actually read the
distorted, disconnected thoughts of mine that I took the
time to put into words and post on the glorious idiot/porn
infested network that is the world wide web.

I don't want to seem like the no-fun person that I may, in
reality, actually be, nor do I want to come across as
someone who lacks the average level of sanity (whatever
that is) and the ability to smile every now and then.

I'd rather come across as an intelligent, sarcastic female
with a post-adolescent mindset and the experience to
relate to the fact that life sucks while laughing at its
injustice anyway.

Although I DO hate myself very much, suffer from moments
of depression and anxiety quite frequently, am slightly
bitter towards anything with a penis, and may appear to be
less than coherent more often than not, I highly doubt
that I stick out more than anyone else in society and
its public places.
I can't say that I'm normal, because it is common
knowledge that very few are... but perhaps that makes me
normal after all in my "own special way" anyway, eh?
(No, I am not Canadian! (Stephen))

So... what I really mean is....
Rather than thinking to yourself "Wow, this chick is
really screwed up", I'd like you to instead think "Wow,
this chick is really screwed up... hehe" (notice the

After all, I wouldn't have made this darn thing public in
the first place if I didn't want to provide people with
some form of entertainment.

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