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2004-06-14 21:17:09 (UTC)

Predictable, Over-Dramatic People Who Crave Worthless Attention

Welcome to one of my greatest pet peeves (the title of
this entry).
I have long been annoyed by people who go out of their way
to act like this, so now I'm going to express my
aggravation in writing.

First off, let me clarify some things.


Predictable people who are just that (predictable and ONLY
predictable) do not bother me in the least. These people
are just easier to figure out, and there is nothing wrong
with that. Not everyone can be full of surprises.

Dramatic people rarely bother me. Some people are more
emotional than others, and this is just peachy with me. I
do not mind these people at all, and I completely
sympathize with the need to get all strong emotions out in
the open. Everyone needs to do this occasionally; some
need to do it more than others.

People who crave worthless attention do not always bother
me either. I believe, in fact, that if the world were
lacking in people who crave worthless attention, we would
all be bored out of our minds the majority of the time.
Everyone needs something to laugh at.

I respect the individuality of all people, whether I like
them or not, and I value each person (along with each
person's personality type) and his or her place in this


When you take predictable, OVER-dramatic, and the desire
for worthless attention and put them all together, you
easily end up with what could possibly be one of the most
irritating and pathetic combinations any human being could
possibly be.

Predictable, over-dramatic people who crave worthless
attention (AKA people who like to play mind games) go out
of their way to be the way they are, only they don't
usually realize that they appear to the rest of us to be
irritating and pathetic.

These people never view themselves that way.

In fact, they tend to view themselves as geniuses who have
mastered the art of scheming, are capable of figuring
people out, and can manipulate the average person into
doing whatever they so choose.

That's the part the cracks me up.

These people, caught up in their own games, don't realize
that they are exactly the opposite of what they think they
They are completely predictable, which means that I (as
well as MANY others) can figure them out in a very short
period of time. They go through patterns of behavior that
they don't even recognize, allowing me to know exactly
what they're going to say or do before they ever say or do
it. They make it so easy for me while they think they're
playing games with me.

Here's a news flash: I don't play games.
I do, however, enjoy figuring them out.

Most people don't realize just how easy it is to read
other people.

Once you realize just how simple it is and can do it
yourself, you can prevent others from reading you.

When you always know what's going on in someone else's
mind, you have the advantage against people who like to
play mind games. The best part is, it is often these
people who let you read them without even knowing it.

While they think they're reading you and manipulating you,
you're actually doing it to them instead.

It's great.

But a decent person only does it in defense, mind you.
We all know that it's not very nice to mess with others.

Don't get me wrong.
There are people out there who really ARE geniuses and
masters at mind games and manipulation.
But they are definitely not predictable, they are rarely
over-dramatic, and they don't crave worthless attention.
Those are the people you actually have to watch out for.

But predictable, over-dramatic people who crave worthless
Not unless you're afraid of getting a terrible migraine
due to extremely high levels of immaturity.

So if you've just read this, and a little voice deep
inside you is telling you that you are that kind of
person...sit yourself down, think it out, and make a
conscious effort to stop doing it.

You're only making a fool of yourself and annoying the
rest of humanity.