Goodnight, Starlight.

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2004-06-14 20:32:59 (UTC)

Yay For Sickness!

Howdyyy. Been sick the past 2 weeks or so. Some type of
mono Me's is thinking. Doc said its gonna take a while to
get over, but i really gotta fight it. Bah. I dont like
fighting viruses. Went to school for the morning, almost
fell asleep in class.. So i didnt go back to school in the
afternoon. I really couldnt handle it.
Only like 9 days left of school. Then summer vaca! Wooooot.
Summer rocks..hate winter. Too much snow. Boooo for winter.
I'm hoping to go to Toronto for summer vacation with the
fam ( we go somewhere different every year ) because Muse
is playin at the Molson Amphitheatre on the 9th of August
with the Curiosa Festival i think. Tickets arnt too much,
30 bucks maybe. Not too shabby. But only one problem
really...My doogie. No one to take care of him. Soo poo on
that. If i don't get to do, i really will scream. Muse is
so wonderful. Woo sexynessness.
Tonight on MOD (much on demand..) Franz Ferdinand is gonna
be on it. YAY for Franz Ferdinand..*Take Me Out* Woot.
Gotta tape it cause im off to staceys soon to work on
some 'end of the year' science project that i care nothing
about. But i still gotta do the work. Bahh well. I have a
Science test on Thursday too...Which i know like, nothing
about. *Stupid light and stuff...Mirrors too...Stupid
mirrors. Burn..Burn i say!* yeah...Called HMV
earlier...They have 24 Season 2!!! I knew they would, i
just completly forgot about HMV....I was thinking Future
Shop was really the only Place that sold DVDs. Buttt i was
wrong. They have it for 89.99$..But what doesnt make sense,
is that you can buy 2 dvds, for 79.99, so if i wanted to
buy season 2, and some other random dvd, it would only be
80 dollars. Then i thought...ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES!!! They
dont exactly have it have in their store have it.
They would have to order it. Which is 85.00, so technically
what im saying is that i cant get season 2 of 24, and ofah.
I guess because its not in the store. So bah. I might just
pic something else. If i didnt already have season 1 of 24,
i would be able to get season 2 and 1 for 80 bucks. Maybe i
can still get them both, and sell season 1 to someone who
randomly wants to buy it. Bah i dunno.
Past while has been hell really, got Amanda on my back. She
hates me, i hate her. She hates me all for no reason
really..well...because im 'childish'...Well 14 am
i suposed to be all grown up and Mature? No. i dont think
so. Its not like shes perfect and mature.
YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY...(etc) farr from it. Im just done
with her. Im not taking any more of her Shit. If she wants
to talk about me behind my back, friend or not, she can go
ahead, cause she aint my problem anymore. Ill let stacey
deal with her, Shes really the only friend she has. No one
else likes her. Oh well new subject, eh?
hmm...Pepsi. Pepsi, i love pepsi. Pepsis yummy. Yay for
pepsi. ...?
Last Sunday i went and saw Harry Potter and the Prizoner of
Azkaban.....Ooooooo sooo Awesome! Fav movie ever. Was not
boring at all...(pointed at loretta, and those who thought
it was boring). Im in the midst of reading it.
next Sundays Grammies birthday. We're thowing a Party type
thing for relitives, and we're goin to Hogggggggggies on
Sat for some steak-er-oni.
Well...Long entry kind of. Longest ive ever really written.
Shows how extremly bored i am right now, nothin better to
be doin. Longer entry then i planned. Didnt think i had as
much news as i did...Anyway..gonna go now. Later gator.

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